Vote Not Fight

Elections No Be War


VOTE NOT FIGHT is a campaign designed to increase the participation of youth in Nigeria’s political and electoral processes by promoting peaceful and constructive youth engagement with political stakeholders, electoral umpire and security agencies before, during, and after elections.

VOTENOTFIGHT Project / Program Overview

VOTE NOT FIGHT - Election No Be War Campaign


To train local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) national wide on how to conduct youth-targeted voter education and GOTV campaigns during the 2019 general elections. Also to facilitate open stakeholder commitments to peaceful campaigns and elections devoid of hate speech and vote trading nationwide.

To address these, YDI and the 2Baba Foundation with technical and financial support from NDI will implement these objectives and other activities to mobilize youth for peaceful and informed participation during towards the 2019 general elections.

Since 2015, the Vote Not Fight campaign has implemented a plethora of youth-targeted civic and voter education and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) initiatives to redirect the energies of the youth towards peaceful and constructive participation.


VOTE NOT FIGHT Program Activities

Retreat on Non-violence and issue-based voter education

The Vote Not Fight Team organized a retreat on Non-violence and issue-based voter education. Building on how the Vote Not Fight previous campaign has worked since inception, The Vote Not Fight Team has identified and invited state coordinators and senatorial district coordinators from the 36 states of Nigeria and the FCT to a 3 day Vote Not Fight strategy retreat. Due to the expected number, the retreat will be broken into North and South, each retreat will host about 75 state and senatorial district coordinators to lay a solid foundation for the implementation of the campaign in the state.

Election No Be War stakeholder’s engagement

The VoteNotFight team has commence outreach advocacy engaging and getting the key political candidates to secure public commitment to peaceful campaign devoid of hate speech and vote buying as well as to endorse Vote Not Fight campaign. These meetings will be attended and reported by the media to notify voters of the commitments made by these candidates’ to enable them hold them accountable. The state partners and senatorial coordinator will also implement the same activity in their various states targeting the key gubernatorial candidates.

Election no be war Peace Concert with 2Baba

Based on the encouraging responses experienced in past Vote Not Fight musical outings, 2 massive Vote Not Fight peace concerts featuring 2Baba and other musical icons will hold for one northern and southern city to convey the message of the campaign with 10,000 youth at each of the concerts where participants will be drawn from different youth demographics including university students, uneducated youth, potentially violent youth (i.e. cultists), youth corps members and youth with disabilities.

Vote Not Fight Peace Song "Collabo"

During the Vote Not Fight concerts in off-cycle elections in especially Ekiti and Osun states, young artists in these states collaborated to produce a Vote Not Fight theme song which was performed during the state concerts. Considering that this increased local ownership of the project especially among local artist, the VNF Team came up with a national Vote Not Fight peace song challenge with 2Baba to be launched and unveiled during the concerts.

Radio outreach to youth in state senatorial districts

The Vote Not Fight advert audio jingle would keep on running in English, Ibo, Hausa and Yoruba versions for airing in selected radio stations across the 6 geo political zones for local and widespread reach. Also The Vote Not Fight Radio Hour weekly radio show has been airing and is co-hosted by 2 experienced young presenters on a weekly basis for disseminating relevant information related to the upcoming general elections. With a listen and win weekly quiz where winners will be announced during the next edition and through our social media platforms.

Election no be war peace rally

On our rally day, state and senatorial coordinators would conduct a walk from an agreed location in town to a strategic location or institution, for instance, State Electoral Commission or State Police Headquarters to advocate for peaceful elections. A Vote Not Fight Letter for Peaceful Elections will be presented to the head of the institution where the walk is concluded.

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