Showcasing Her Ability in Political Engagement


SHAPE Nigeria Media project will increase stakeholders understanding and support for women’s leadership capacity and right to political leadership in Nigeria.

SHAPE Project / Program Overview

SHAPE Impact and Expected Results

More women become inspired and confident to pursue political leadership.

Improved public perception and acceptance that women can excel in political leadership.

Increased number of women secure elective and appointive positions during and after the 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

Political parties and relevant stakeholders increase spaces and support for women political participation and leadership.



SHAPE Nigeria Compendium of 20 Nigerian Women

Youngstars will identify and interview 20 Nigerian women who have made impact in Nigeria’s political and governance landscape in the past and present. Their impact stories and pictures shall be published as the SHAPE Nigeria Women Compendium, and distributed widely to strategic stakeholders in order to galvanize support for women’s right to political leadership. It will also inspire more females to pursue political leadership. The Compendium will serve as a strategic tool for encouraging more women into politics and governance. This phase will take 4-6 weeks to complete depending on availability of interviewees.

SHAPE Nigeria Video Documentary Series

During the interviews, Youngstars Foundation recorded the interviews of each woman to be featured in the SHAPE Nigeria Compendium. Which was produced into short video skits and aired on social media for 20 weeks. With over 1million Nigerians logging into Facebook daily, social media has become a strong shaper of policy and governance outcomes.

SHAPE Nigeria Compendium Media Unveiling

After publishing the SHAPE Nigeria Compendium, there shall be a Media Forum to unveil the publication to strategic stakeholders including media, political actors, civil society, women group and the public. This will further amplify the project and its goal as well as foster greater collaboration among the key stakeholders for sustained engagement.

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