Do you have an Idea that can solve a major problem?
Is it at early stage or conception stage? Will you like to win a $500 seed grant
to scale your idea to the next level?
If yes, here is your chance to to join 10 youth innovators at the Solvers League Season 1
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About HUB35

HUB35 is a space that enables young innovators and inventors transform ideas into sustainable market solutions. The Hub uses its tailored residential and non-residential programs to facilitate disruptive thinking, idea experimentation, startups, and partnerships between viable young ideators and stakeholders in the innovation and invention ecosystem.

  • Raising young peoples interest in innovations, inventions, and creativity
  • Building youth capacity to develop creative solutions, viable innovations and inventions.
  • Fostering collaborations to commercialize viable ideas
Our Activites
  • Trainings
  • Challenges
  • Solution Labs
  • Challenges – Forum
  • Workshop
  • Pitch Elevation
Community and Membership
  • Access to the Hub
  • Mentoring and other support services.
  • Access to wireless internet
  • Opportunity to participate in Hub activities at discounted rates.
  • Access to HUB books and online resources
  • Access to work stations.
  • Join the community


A periodic challenge where young innovators and solvers get a chance to create innovative and breakthrough solution to address social or governmental gaps in Nigeria and beyond. Participants get a chance to pitch their ideas before a panel of jury and online community to determine winners. Prizes can be in the form of seed grant, employment, and gift items, among others. Terms and Conditions apply per project.
This is a beginners program for young people without any prior knowledge or experience in creating innovations or invention, but they are willing to learn how to become innovators or inventors. It is also for those who believe that they have interest or a talent for creative solutions but lack the elementary know how. Thinking School Africa is a 3 – 5 weeks academy spaced accordingly to accommodate participants pace and schedule. At the end of the program, participants embark on personal projects and get a chance to be mentored and present their ideas to stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem within and outside Abuja.
This is a program for young people passionate about inventions. Beginner and mid-level inventors are provided with work space and technical tools to aid them in their journeys of inventing products and solutions. Invention Lab participant are admitted on a program based and rolling basis for 3-6 months in the program. Coaches work with them to develop a timetable and workflow that suits their pursuit. The Hub also links them with facilitators and relevant resources within and outside the Hub that will enable them achieve their aspirations. Through monthly reviews, The Hub evaluates progress of each Participant in line with helping them maximize their participation time in The Hub.
This is Hub35 bi-monthly forum where innovators, inventors or startups whose ideas are solving social problems come to share their experiences and journeys with young people and stakeholders. There would also be special slots for selected young people to share about ideas they are working on and getting general feedbacks from the audience. Solvers Hangout is an inspiration and vision clarity forum that every innovators and inventors always look forward to.


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