Youth Organization Capacity Building School

About Youth Organization Capacity Building School

The School is a periodic capacity building training program designed to improve and strengthen institutional building, structure and operations of youth-led organizations in order to become more professional, impactful and sustainable in their work of youth development and nation building.

Yocbs Project / Program Overview

Objectives of the Yocbs Session

At the end of the Yocbs session, we expect our participants to have a better understanding of the importance and value of technology and the social media in the process of development deliveries.


Yocbs Participants Would Learn :

How To Set Up a High Performing Youth NGO

With the sole purpose of deepening our participant's understanding of what a youth organization is, who should start a youth organization, why start a youth organization, stages of organizational development, what purpose it should serve, ingredients of high performing youth organizations and the motivation for starting one.

Basic Administrative Structure and Procedure

A Quick look at Governance, Legality and Documentation; Understanding Policies and Procedures; Benefits of Policies and Procedures; Basic Documents Required to Set up Basic Administrative Structure and Procedures; Organogram Design, Concepts and Setup, Regulatory Compliance needs

Writing winning proposals and cultivating long lasting donor relations.

The Concept, Purpose, Rationale, Objectives, Process, Implementation, Methodology and Activities involved in writing fundable proposals; Expected Results and Outcomes; Target Audience and Locality; Monitoring and Evaluation; Risk Analysis and Relevence to Donor; Time Frame and Budgeting

Project development and implementation

The Concept, Purpose, Rationale, Objectives, Process, Implementation, Methodology and Activities involved in project development and implementation; How to write, construct and structure a project, how to evaluate, manage and report various types of implemented projects. Project Framework and Development.

Branding and sustainability, among others

Leveraging Technology and Social Media to Amplify Your Business, Benefits of Leveraging Technology and Social Media; Social Media Strategy and Communication Skills needed to engage your users and community members; Setting and Reaching your target audience; Social Media Marketing Strategies and Building your Customer Network.

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