2 CANVASSITY Pan African Youth Democracy Season 3 delegates recently carried out their Pass it On (PiO) projects in Kaduna and River state respectively. Peace Chikodunaka Eze on the 10th of June, 2018, conducted her PiO in Kaduna State with the theme, “Holding Government Accountable: Basic Amenities/Infrastructure Your Right”, called for volunteers for her 6 months engagement project in Kaduna State. The project is aimed at engaging the local authority in Kagarko Local Government Area and the Kaduna state government to improve the living standards of the community through the provision of basic amenities.
Meanwhile for Chukwuemeka Orukwowu, he organized a debate challenge at the Faculty of Law, Rivers State University, Rivers State, on the debate topic: Has The Judiciary Played It’s Role In Building Sustainable Peace in Rivers State?

The Pass-it-On project which is a post semester activity, is a stepdown project which requires CANVASSITY delegates to pass on what they have learnt from the Semester 1 training workshop in Lagos to at least 40 youths in their place of residence.

The Pass-it-On project avails the delegates the opportunity to showcase their Canvas to their participants, promote the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) and solicit endorsement for their six months engagement project with elected representative and government institutions.