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YALF 2018 is a Nigeria dynamic youth preparatory program designed to increase the capacity, participation and space for youth emergence in elective positions in the 2019 general elections. YALF is an initiative of Youngstars Foundation with support from Ford Foundation.

  • Are you a youth interested in running for political office in 2019 general elections in Nigeria?
  • Do you believe you have the leadership capacity to make a change through political leadership?
  • Are you interested in political office but concerned about the unknown of politics?
  • Are you a young female interested in running for office in 2019 but do not know how to go about it?
  • Are you a young person with disability interested in public office in 2019, and would love to learn how to achieve your aspiration?
  • Do you believe that you are not too young to make political impact?
  • Would you love to learn how to move from an aspirant to a winner of an election in 2019?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, then YALF 2018 is for you!

Many young people desire to run for political office in Nigeria but there is a huge knowledge and capacity gap among youth on how to run for office and win elections in Nigeria, this is the major justification for the YALF program. In the 2015 general elections in Nigeria, data show that out of the estimated 8,500 candidates that contested for election at different levels, about 2,008 of them were youth candidates within the youth age bracket of 35 years. The critical question is – how many of them were trained and prepared on how to run for office? And how many of them eventually won their elections nationwide?

Young aspirants and candidates face many challenges when they attempt to run for political office in Nigeria. These challenges ranges but not limited to legal barriers of age for certain offices, high cost of buying party forms, financing their campaign, the intrigues of winning primaries amongst others and the other hand, young female aspirants and persons with disability aspiring for political offices also face myriads of barriers that reduce their chances of achieving their aspirations. In order to improve the chances of youth aspirants during the 2019 general elections in Nigeria, there is a valid need to implement a preparatory program like YALF to education, train and encourage youths who are interested to run for different political offices.

To advance an inclusive political environment in Nigeria by increasing the capacity, participation and space for youth emergence in elective positions in 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

  • Youth between ages 18 – 35 (PWD 18 – 40)
  • Youth from the North West and North Central Geo-political zones of Nigeria.

YALF Program 

Participants selected for the program shall benefit from three (3) tailored YALF workshops targeting young aspirants and candidates interested in running for different elective positions in the 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

The first workshop shall hold in February/March 2018 for 4 days using a structured training curriculum.

Facilitators shall include experienced persons who have run for office before and understand the dynamics of accessing political office especially in northern Nigeria.

The second and third workshops as well as other aspects of the program shall be unveiled in due course as the program progresses.

Young Women and Persons with Disability

Young women and persons with disability are seriously encourage to apply for YALF program. Adequate preparations have been put in place to ensure optimum participation of young women and persons with disability in the YALF program. Lets encourage as many of them as possible to apply for YALF.

Participation in YALF is completely free of charge. However, application is required and only those who meet our requirements shall be selected.

To apply, please submit the following information below as well as complete the online application form.

  • Passport photograph
  • Valid Photo ID
  • An essay with the title: “Why I Want to Run for Office”
  • Curricular Vitae
  • Any supporting document of previous political engagement
  • Copy of Voters Card/Political Party Membership card (optional)

Application closes: 28th February, 2018

For further inquiries please call Uji Yaki through Youngstars customer service line, 08065014302, 07035535876 or you can also send an email to yalf@youngstarsfoundation.org