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The Young Aspirants Leadership Fellowship

The Young Aspirants Leadership Fellowship (YALF) is an annual youth democracy program designed to identify and equip youth with high leadership pedigree to join politics and run for public office. The purpose is to increase the participation and emergence of exceptional young thought leaders into political leadership in order to leapfrog national development and prosperity.

The YALF program is practical, experiential, intellectually stimulating, and interactive. It is designed to challenge participant’s personal leadership capacities through the different components of the program. For instance, each participant shall attend 2 YALF workshop semesters of 4 days each; Semester 1 explores political power dynamics, and Semester 2 explores how to run for office. Each Semester shall have about 16 sessions including paper presentations, breakout sessions, debates and panels, film shows, reading exercise and outdoor visits. Approximately 32 learning sessions are envisage to be covered in the 2 workshops.

Other interesting components include; The Reading School – covering 2 text books each participant shall read, The Community Impact Exercise in which participants are encouraged to begin to impact their community through impact projects as a strategy for building community goodwill, The Research Taskforce on Governance which encourages participants to appreciate the importance of knowledge and felt needs of a people when governing, The Learning Visit to a First World Country to expos delegates to practical operations and impact of good governance.