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My Vote Fit Change Naija

My Vote Fit Change Naija is a media based youth focused campaign designed to produce a 13 minutes short video for distribution using electronic media and social media. The use of the local parlance  “My Vote Fit Change Naija” is to resonate across different strata of society.

The film shows how a life experience can be made different and a lot better when there is good leadership and good governance, thus provoking the simple logic that if leadership affects our personal life and leadership is a direct result of an election, then we owe ourselves the full responsibility of identifying good leaders, vote for them and ensure that our votes count during the elections.

The star actor of this video is Julius Agwu who is one of the Nigeria’s all round ace entertainer, he is a respected foremost comedian, musician, actor, UN Youth Ambassador and host of Lucoade weekly game show on national television.

The theme of the project is to come out and vote. If people believe that their vote can change the future, then they shall be encouraged to come out and vote on election days.