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Youngstars Foundation is a non governmental, non religious and non partisan youth organization that builds young people and strengthens youth organizations to effectively participate in nation building processes with focus on leadership, democracy and entrepreneurship. This campaign recognizes youth as persons between the ages of 18 to 35 years as stipulated by the Africa Youth Charter. 

Membership Creed

Every youth is a potential for greatness

I believe I can be the best that is possible

I believe I can reach my highest dreams in life

There are great ideas, inspiration and power in me to make an impact

A great and successful life is within reach

Irrespective of today’s challenges, courage and determination will see me through

I commit to continue developing myself and to unleash my potentials for the good of humanity

Everyone is important; everyone has the right to good life and dignity and freedom of belief

Every youth has something unique to contribute in building a great and prosperous society

Collectively we can do much more than one person alone can achieve

I believe I am part of a new generation of greatness that is rising

Because I believe so I am

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