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    Jamiu - "”A functioning, robust democracy requires a healthy educated, participatory followership, and an educated, morally grounded leadership.” – Chinua Achebe "View
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    kayjay - "Nigeria Can Work. I visited a Nigeria government agency in Abuja on Wednesday and was seriously surprised at the level of order, professionalism and neatness. I will be repeating another visit there by next week […] "View
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    Emmanuel Idika - "Nigeria’s Boko Haram offers to swap kidnapped girls for prisoners. http://news.yahoo.com/nigerias-boko-haram-offers-swap-kidnapped-girls-prisoners-104833917.html "View
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    Edidiong Vincent Akpan - "I envision a society where we will have a DESPLAYER in every sector of the economy all over the world, A world where this emerging leaders will impact positively and leave their indelible marks with history. Do […] "View
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