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Category: Change Maker Stories

Young Changemaker – Ogunyemi Taiwo

Name: Ogunyemi Taiwo

Age: 26

Organization: The Visionaries Academy

State Implemented: Delta

Project: Summer Technology Camp, 2010.

The Need

It was discovered in a survey that young people in some parts of Delta state have never touched a computer before; they have zero or negligible computer knowledge and skills.

The Innovative Idea Response

Taiwo and his team held a summer technology camp for youth in Delta state to give them a basic training in computer. The trainees were also equipped with the mandate to set up ICT clubs in their various schools to further enhance computer appreciation in their community.

The Story

The First ever summer technology camp in Delta state was an Initiative of The Visionaries Academy and it was drawn from a passion for technological development of Young People in Delta state.  First, a survey was drawn to see how young people use computer systems and their social network appreciation. However, it was discovered that in some places, there existed people who have never touched a computer before. So, The Visionaries Academy felt that the summer break will be a good time to unveil ICT Tricks hence the name SUMMER TECHNOLOGY CAMP.


A total of 69 schools and 616 students participated during the training. To ensure that the project was going to be sustainable, we inaugurated ICT ambassadors in all the public schools whose responsibility is to go back to their various schools armed with our Letter signed by the LGA Chairmen and set up an ICT Club where they can in-turn pass on to their colleagues the knowledge they have gathered during the training. Competition will be held among the clubs in different schools, emails and a social networking page will be opened for all the students in the school. Our organization seeks to apply for and raise fund that will be used to monitor and evaluate the impact of these ICT ambassadors and also provide computers for all the schools.

Young Changemaker – Kwalu Johnpaul

Name: Kwalu Johnpaul

Age: 29

Project: Catering Training/Seminar for Schools

State Implemented: Ebonyi

Platform: Pacific Institution for Catering and Hotel Management

E-mail: uchenna.johnpaul@yahoo.com,

The Need

Every average Nigerian understands that our country is experiencing a severe rate of unemployment especially among the youth, and most people are looking up to the government for a solution. But in the actual sense, to address this issue all hands must be on deck, not the government alone.

The Innovative Idea Response

The Pacific Institution for Catering and Hotel Management, PICAHOM, is a vocational institute that trains youth in catering and hotel management, thus enabling them acquire skills and become self reliant.

The Story

Uche, a graduate of Catering and Hotel Management has established a Catering Institute, PICAHOM in 2009, as his contribution to addressing the issue of unemployment. This Institute, PICAHOM, as the name implies is a vocational Institute where youths are trained for skill acquisition and self-reliance. Still in avowed commitment to create more man power and reduce unemployment among the youth, he organises yearly seminars/trainings for students at various schools in areas of catering craft practice and hospitality management.


This project today is marked with huge success and lots of achievement and testimonies as it has graduated up to one hundred and thirty one students (131), who are now either well employed or have created jobs for themselves and even employ others not waiting for the government to create jobs. Since the reward of hard work is more work, government through National Directorate of Employment (NDE) after reviewing the results and impacts of the project in the State has continued to send a huge number of trainees to be trained by the Institute on a yearly basis. Despite NDE non-income reciprocation, the trainees have continued to receive tremendous training from the Institution, and today about 80% of them have been employed in some reputable hospitality industries around the country. While many have also established their own eatery centres and are rendering professionalized catering services to people.

Young Changemaker – Chinedu Jude Nwasum

Name: Chinedu Jude Nwasum

Age: 23

State: Ebonyi

Project:  Training on Democreacy and Leadership

Email: edunwa09@yahoo.com

The Need

There is a need for training and awareness on democracy and good governance in a community where majority of the youth believe that their votes should go to the highest bidder and violence is the language of democracy; a community where a youth leader once said-“We don’t believe in democracy. It cannot work in Nigeria. We will only support those who give us money, others should go to hell… we will do everything possible to return the incumbent. We are armed. We have guns and machetes and we have the power to do it. We shall snatch the ballot boxes and turn the votes in his favour…”

The Innovative Idea Response

The training was held twice in 2010 and youth from the 13 local government areas of the state attended, more training are being planned to reach a wider range of youth.

The Story

Chinedu Nwasum grew up in Ebonyi state, where youth resort to violence during elections. In view of this great abnormally, Chinedu Nwasum, the Project Manager of UGREEN Foundation Nigeria, initiated and organised a project geared towards training young Ebonyians on the need to protect and promote democracy and to participate constructively and actively in governance.


This project has reached over 227 people as at the time of this report. Youth beneficiaries of his trainings have since carried out different impact and ground breaking projects such as; A protest to stop the 6 months long university strike in Ebonyi, a project that fed and trained over 40 indigent children in Nduanumacha village of Ebonyi state, the establishment of a food processing plant for self employment by a participant and trainings of youth in rural areas.

Young Changemaker – Omolade Oladejo

Name: Omolade Oladejo

Age: 29

Project: “Save a Live To Save a Nation”

State Implemented: Abuja

Email: simps400@yahoo.com

The Need

The wealth of a nation, they say is its health, and given the current state of health care in the country, one can only conclude that Nigeria is very poor in that regard. It is worthy of note that access to quality health services/facilities is barely available in rural areas where more than half of the country’s population dwell. There is therefore a need to alleviate the healthcare burden of the populace.

The Innovative Idea Response

As a contributory effort in achieving the MDGs, she embarked on providing free healthcare services tagged “Save a Live to Save a Nation” to indigent communities of  the country ranging from surgeries, general medical consultations, drug administration, laboratory investigations, eye care services, HIV voluntary counseling and testing, breast cancer screening exercises, distribution of insecticide treated nets and general health awareness campaign with emphasis on more of preventive than curative medicine.

The Story

She strongly believes the only lasting impact anyone can ever make in this world is investing in the lives of other people. She has successfully trained a class of students in a 2 school term period on adolescent reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention, the goal of which is to develop the capacity of volunteer students as peer educators to enable them provide correct and factual information to their peers.


So far, “Save a live to Save a Nation” initiative has reached out to hundreds of indigent people in different communities as she is determined not to relent in this cause. This service has not only attracted her commendations but promising partnership with individual philanthropists and cooperate organizations. 

Young Changemaker – Purpose Osamwonyi Iserhienrhien

Name: Purpose Osamwonyi Iserhienrhien

Age: 24

State Implemented: Edo

Project: “ICT for Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development”

Email: posaworld@yahoo.com, smilesafrica@gmail.com

The Need

Edo state the heart beat of Nigeria is a state blessed with human minerals and materials resources with so much unidentified opportunity for young people. The unemployment rate is very high as the state is seen as a civil servant State.

The Innovative Idea Response

This project created about 15 business centers and computer training schools and 11 youth led organizations. Many youth will graduate to be employable or become entrepreneurs.

The Story

“ICT for Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development for the realization of the MDGs project” was able to achieve is set goals of assisting young people to achieve their full potentials and promoting the economic, social and infrastructural development in the state. With this project I was nominated for some awards, was made a role model, and asked to share my experience with over 1000 youth who attended the Edo youth empowerment summit organize by Edo people in Diaspora.


More than 500 youth were trained in ICT for Leadership, basic and entrepreneur development. Some youth who benefited from the project were nominated for the top 12 award. One of the graduates produced from this project is now working as a lecturer in Federal polytechnic, Auchi in Edo State.

Young Changemaker – Victor Erasmus Sulai

Name: Victor Erasmus Sulai

Age: 20

Project: Youth Democratic Society (YODES) Gombe State.

State of implementation: Gombe State

Email: viceras_mus@yahoo.com

The Need

The global youth are faced with a lot of challenges such as unemployment, drug abuse, un-productivity, political misconduct, violence, etc.

The Innovative Idea Response

“Youth Democratic Society” YODES, was established in Gombe state to serve as a platform for reaching out to youth.

The Story

Victor Erasmus Sulai is a Chemistry Student of Gombe State University whom had undergone series of trainings on: Youth and Leadership, Citizenship and leadership, riot and conflict resolution, Youths and the MDG’s, Industrial production, etc. She believes she has to share her wealth of knowledge with people for efficient utilization and maximum impact to her society. She then formed an association in Gombe State where youth can be trained on different hand skills thereby reducing their dependence on the government. To correct and re-orienting them about their basic fundamental rights, their civic responsibilities, and “…making them to think of what they can do for their country not what the country can do for them…” To help them become good citizens who will care and vote for credibility- independent of religious, gender, socio-cultural believes, or ethnic difference but on integrity and ability to offer self-less service to Humanity.


YODES have created a lot of impact in the lives of youth within and outside the state and have over 200 members.

Young Changemaker – Femi Oye

Name: Femi Oye

Age: 30

Project: “Solar Powered FIFA 2010 World Cup”.

State Implemented: Lagos

Email: f.oye@goSolarAfrica.org

Phone: +2348037080251

Website: http://www.goSolarAfrica.org

The Need

In a country of over 150 million, an estimated 70% are poor and have inadequate access to electricity. Over 4billion Naira or $27M is spent daily to buy kerosene, Candles and petrol by these same poor Nigerians for alternative power, this is aside from those buying batteries and corporate bodies cost for generating alternative power. Epileptic electric power supply has remained a core problem in Nigeria.

The Innovative Idea Response

During the FIFA 2010 World Cup, Femi Oye built a 10KV solar farm with 8 module solar panel and powered a large LG screen for members of Iwerekun community in Lagos State to watch all the World Cup matches Live! Beyond the World Cup showing, Femi is now training community youth on how to build and market Solar panels as an alternative source of electricity!

The Story

Femi believes strongly in green jobs and enterprise development, thus he acquired solar panel production skills and today is training local communities on how to replace dangerous and toxic kerosene lantern/candles with a safe solar lantern and how to install small scale solar devices to power their businesses, barbing saloon, commercial phone charging units, radios etc. Of course a slow start at first but powering a community with solar energy during the FIFA World Cup has further boosted his profile; community members are now buying into it and people are being trained and empowered to earn sustainable livelihoods!


The outcome of this project led to a better understanding of the impact of global warming and climate change, health safety awareness, increase in the earning capacity of young people, women employability and so on through a tailored solar micro- enterprise development program within the period. Iwerekun youth and women now receive energy loan from the Lagos state Microfinance Scheme and 3 State Governments; Ondo, Rivers and Kaduna have adopted the project; even an 84 year old community chief is now a solar phone charger engineer. For Femi Oye, Climate Change is a good business! This project has directly impacted 518 people.

Young Changemaker – Aliyu Abubakar Chika

NAME: Aliyu Abubakar Chika

AGE: 29

Project: Mobile Phone Contacts Backup and Restore

State Implemented: Sokoto

Website: www.ramaleeonline.com

Phone: +2348034712000, +2348033647775

The Need

Aliyu Chika understands that most of the mobile phone users in Nigeria rely majorly on their cell phones and SIMs to keep records of their contacts. The challenge is that this can be very unpleasant whenever the phone gets missing or damaged and all their contacts lost with the uncertainty of getting back their important contacts. According to former Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Communications, Professor Dora Akuniyili, “a total of 2 million mobile telephones are lost or reported stolen in Nigeria each year…that means 3 phones are stolen or lost every minute”. You may have experienced a similar case before.

The Innovative Idea Response

Aliyu developed an application (phone software) that can be downloaded to phones. With this software, mobile users are able to backup all their contacts both on SIM and phone; this works on all networks in Nigeria and abroad provided the phone is GPRS-enabled.

The Story

It is no longer news that we are now in the “Information Age” where mobile telecommunications is becoming tremendously essential in our newly informative world. With an estimated 70million mobile phone user, Nigeria is now the largest mobile market in Africa. Like every other technology, mobile telecommunication has its own challenges including the lost of phone book contacts whenever your cell phone is lost or damaged. It is this concern that inspired Aliyu to develop a software and an online platform to back up contacts of phone users.  When the backup is successful, a user can view and manage the backed up contacts on the website www.ramaleeonline.com, by login to his account. The user can restore the contacts back to another phone in case of the theft or lost of the previous phone.


This project has enabled GSM subscribers retrieve their phone contacts after lost or damage of phones. About 55,000 people have benefitted from this project.