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Bridging gaps in science education: young Ashesi students explore Virtual Reality labs

aIn high school, Contsant Likudie ‘18 studied Science, taking a combination of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. However, his first experience in a science laboratory didn’t come until late in his second year. And even on those rare occasions that he and his classmates got to use the labs, the sessions covered were designed only for tests and examination. “I had very little exposure to the practical side of science,” he said. “Most of the things we did in the lab were tailored towards examination, so we hardly got the chance to explore things we found interesting.”

Constant’s experience is sadly not unique. Several schools in Ghana have poorly resourced laboratories, leaving students to rely largely on their textbooks and lecturers to try to understand the practicality of science. Constant believes that the lack of a practical way of teaching science in our high schools is one of the reasons science is perceived as a course reserved for only a special group of students.


In an attempt to help fill this gap and also change perceptions students have of science, Constant started Project Eureka, a low-cost initiative that gives junior high school students the opportunity to carry out scientific experiments in ‘mobile science labs’. Twice a week, Constant carries boxes of science apparatus and experiments to the Fidelity Basic Junior High School in Berekuso, where the students get to perform actual scientific experiments. “We chose to start from the basic level, from a level where we can beef up people’s interest to make science more attractive,” he says. “Eureka is about having actual science labs and changing the way science is taught.”

Source: Rising Africa


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