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Young Change Maker – NoViolet Bulawayo

Bulawayo was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She and attended Njube High School and later Mzilikazi High School for her A levels. She later completed her college education in USA , obtaining earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English from Texas A&M University-Commerce and Southern Methodist University. In 2010, she completed a Master of Fine

Young Change Makers – Evans Wadongo

Evans Wadongo (born 11 March 1986) is a Kenyan engineer, the Executive Director and Chairman of SDFA-Kenya, and one of CNN’s top ten heroes of 2010. He is a graduate in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya. Evans was born in the Western part of Kenya,

Young Change Makers – Joannie Bewa

Joannie Bewa is currently working as a general practitioner in a community health center in her country BENIN. She holds many leadership positions in BENIN and is well known at global level. She is the co-founder and the Executive director of Young Beninese Leaders Association (YBLA), created after the President OBAMA Young African leaders forum.

Young Change Maker – Ludwick Marishane

After a few months of research on the Internet, South African University of Cape Town student, Ludwick Marishane has won global recognition for an invention that takes the water out of bathing. Marishane invented a product called DryBath, a clear gel applied to skin that does the work of water and soap. The invention, which won him

Champions of The Abuja Grassroots Youth Debaters, Season 1

Whatever has a beginning surely has an end. The end finally came for the Abuja Grassroots Youth Debaters Season 1 on Thursday, 15th August, 2013. The results below of the semi final, third place and first place tells how the battles were fought and lost! Anyway, there are no losers in this contest; we have