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Mohammed Sani Garba’s “Democracy Works Canvas”


Mohammed Sani Garba’s, CANVASSITY ‘’Democracy Works Canvass’’ illustrates the negative effect of violent crimes (Political Thuggery and Armed Robbery) occasioned by illegal drug intake among youth and possession of illegal firm arms, as well as the solution to the problem (Education, Sensitization and Disarmament).  

Muhammad Auwal Adamu’s ‘’Democracy Works Canvas’’


Muhammad Auwal Adamu’s CANVASSITY ‘’Democracy Works Canvas’’ illustrates a lack of suitable/adequate learning infrastructure, equipment and tools in our basic schools (primary and secondary) in urban and high-poverty areas that are plagued by dilapidated physical buildings (peeling paint, poor lightening and non-functioning sanitary facility), overcrowded classrooms and teaching aids (textbooks, ICT facilities, audio and visual

Ibrahim Abdulkadir’s ‘Democracy Works Canvas’


Ibrahim Abdulkadir’s ‘Democracy Works Canvas’ is depicting the withdrawal of funding by international donor organizations and how to keep over 3 million HIV/AIDS patient alive and fight the scourge in Nigeria. His visual art is also urging the relevant institutions to take over those responsibilities by expanding their budget to avoid the risks of possible spread

CANVASSITY Youth Democracy Fellowship Post Semester Activities


CANVASSITY is an innovative youth centric program designed to increase the capacity of youth to effectively engage and support government institutions deliver impactful governance, raise efficiency and improve accountability. The program seeks to encourage young people to be more complimentary of government and not to be always critical. After the first semester, 20 participants have

World Movement For Democracy Video Screening Births An Online Campaign On Gender Right in Nigeria


An escalated interest in the protection of woman rights became an absolute cry for the participants that attended the World Movement for Democracy video screening events on Gender right in Nigeria. Actions have been taken as participants opted to join the Youngstars Foundation’s Young Women of Dignity (YOWDI) Facebook Platform to air their opinion on

Asidu Abudu


Self taught engineer and inventor, Asidu Abudu, has made at least 26 different inventions since he discovered his passion of invent things in sixth grade (Primary six). Over the years, Asidu has invented numerous devices that are designed to ease people’s lives. One of his inventions is a fufu pounding machine which could ease the

Martina Odok posing with her ‘’Democracy Works Canvass’’


Martina Odok, a CANVASSITY Youth Democracy Fellowship 2016 participant is depicting the problem of unemployment, unemployability and the ideal situation of Skills and Youth Entrepreneurship on her “Democracy Works Canvass“, which she is using as a mass civic mobilization tool to share her plan of collaborating with government to address her community concerns. She intends to engage the Plateau State

Gender Equality Advocacy video featuring Kingsley Bangwell


The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) is seeking to address how men and women can work together in leadership when a country is undergoing a political transition through the Global Women’s Leadership Program by developing a Male Allies for Leadership Equality (MALE) training curriculum. In order to inform the development of the MALE curriculum, IFES