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Lorna Rutto – Young Change Maker

Lorna Rutto has achieved more in her mere 28 years than many people would hope to achieve in a lifetime. She has won numerous business awards – including the prestigious World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Nature Award and the Bid Network Nature Challenge Award – and has seen her company grow from strength to strength. However,

The Commonwealth Youth Council Chairperson visits Youngstars Foundation

The Chairperson of the Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) is currently in Nigeria for a two-week working visit. He recently visited Youngstars Foundation’s youth resource centre in Lugbe, Abuja. The team leader of the Foundation, Mr. Kingsley Bangwell, shared some of the success and achievements of the centre ranging from youth empowerment and capacity building. He

Young Change Maker – William KamKwamba

William Kamkwamba, a born inventor, , became a Local Hero in Malawi at the young age of 14. Trapped in poverty and unable to afford school, William found a rough plan in a library book and taught himself to build a windmill, which he modified to be of use to his family. The windmill ultimately

Young Change Maker – Richard Turere

Richard Turere, 13, doesn’t like lions. In fact, he hates them. Yet this bright Maasai boy has devised an innovative solution that’s helping the survival of these magnificent beasts — by keeping them away from humans. Living on the edge of Nairobi National Park, in Kenya, Turere first became responsible for herding and safeguarding his

Young Change Maker – Michel Chikwanine

A former child soldier, Michel Chikwanine has already endured and overcome unimaginable pain and struggles. His passion and belief in the possibility for change makes him a truly remarkable individual and humanitarian. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Michel grew up amid the terror of the Great War of Africa. He witnessed the torture